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ROOTZILLA is a bio-fertilizer that helps the plants to establish roots that are healthy and strong.

Each pack contain 100Gm of the culture. 

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Rootzilla is a VAM i.e, Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza strain. based bio fertilizer.

Rootzilla is recommended for all crops.


Direct application: Mix 20 Gms in 1kg of Organic manure and apply at the base of the plant.

Seeds treatment: Mix 50gm in one litre water and mix the seeds by gentle agitation. Dry seed in shade for 30 minutes before sowing.


Advantages of VAM

1) Phosphorous and other micro nutrients supplying bio-fertilizer it helps root growth of the plant.

2) Produce more vigorous and healthy plants.

3) Increase plant establishment and survival at seeding or transplanting.

4) Increase yields and crop quality.

5) Improve drought tolerance, allowing watering reduction.

6) Enhance flowering and fruiting.

7) Optimize fertilizers use, especially phosphorus.

8) Increase tolerance to soil salinity.

9) Reduce disease occurrence.

10) Contribute to maintain soil quality and nutrient cycling.

11) Contribute to control soil erosion.

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