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PEST AWAY is a beneficial microbe culture. It act as a parasitic fungus on targeted pests. 

Each pack contain 100 Gm. 

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PEST AWAY (Metarhizium anisopliae):  Metarhizium anisopliae acts as parasitic fungus, it grows on the body of target pest and it kills. 

Colony farming units=2 x10CFU/gm-min

Recommended for All crops that  suffer from below mentioned pests.

Targeted pest: White ants, Root grubs, weevils, Aphids.


Mix 20 gm thoroughly in 1 liter of water. Use the liquid after filtering or just use the top liquid portion of the solution leaving the precipitate below. (Decant the supernatant and spray on the foliage and suspend the residue in water and drench in the plant base.)


Metarhizium is an economically and environment friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides.

It is plant symbiont that can act as a saprophyte in the rhizosphere.


Do not use along with chemical inputs.

Keep in cool, dry place away from children. 

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