NEMATODE CURB ( Beneficial Microbe)


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Nematode curb is an effective bio-control agent. which helps in controlling nematode.

Each Pack contain 100 Gms.

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NEMATODE CURB is an effective bio-control agent. It is based on Paecilomyces Lilacinus which  effective Bio-control agent for crop pest.

Recommended crops:

Solanaceous vegetables, Cucurbitaceae vegetables, leguminous vegetables, Bhindi, Banana, Pepper, Coconut, Arecanut, flowering plant and other ornamentals. E.g Tomatoes, Brinjal, Chillies, Pepper, beans and all gourds.

Target species: Against root knot nematodes. Cyst nematodes.

Dosage and mode of application:

Mix 4 parts of compost in 1 part of neem cake mix 100 Gms of paecilomyces lilacinus and apply to moist soil for control nematode pests. For better result apply once in three months.

Symptoms of nematode damage:

                     Visible above the ground: Chlorosis, Stunting, Mid-day wilting, leaf drop, small fruit, Yellowing, Curling and twisting of leaves and stems, Patches of poor growth in field, Lack of response to treatment for other problems, premature maturity , Delayed maturity, Reduced yield.

                      Root symptoms: Gall or swelling, Stubby roots, dark spots, stunting and dirty roots. 

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