Grow Max ( Beneficial Microbe Azotobacter)

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Grow max is a Bio-fertilizer. Grow max used for better germination and plant growth.

Each pack contain 100 gm.

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Grow Max (Beneficial Microbe)

Method of application

Seeds Treatment: Mix one packet with 100 ml rice ganji or jaggery water and prepare a slury add the seeds required and mix well by hand. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes sow the seeds within 24 hours.

Root/Sett dipping: Mix two packets with 15 lit of water and dip the root/ sett in the slurry for 15-30 minutes and then transplant.

Soil Application: Mix packet with 10kgs of compost or sand, apply in the field evenly while-sowing or planting.

Pit application: Apply 20gm to each pit with compost while planting.

Recommended for Vegetables, Sugar cane, Coconut, banana, Millets, rice, tea, rubber.


Azotobacter contribute moderate benefits.

Azotobacter is a heaviest breathing organism and requires a large amount of organic carbon for its growth.

It is a poor competitor for nutrients in soil hence it is growth promoting substance, fungi static substances.

It can benefit crop by nitrogen fixation.

It improve seeds germination and plant growth

It thrive even in alkaline soils.

Azotobacter is tolerant to high salts.

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