Hydroponic Accessories

Air Pump BOYU 3500 Air Pump BOYU 3500 2
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Hydroponic Accessories

Air Pump BOYU 3500

Now you can make your own DIY Hydroponics and/or Aquaponics gardening Kits using this small, compact air pump available at affordable price at Gardenguru's online store. This is an efficient, low power, small sized air pump useful for aeration in hydroponics or aquaponics gardening kits. Also useful in aeration of aquatic animal environment. 
Non-return valve Non-return valve 2
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Non-return valve

Non-Return Valve  This Non-return valve (NRV) is a useful element for any air bubbler system. This will prevent the siphoning action and thereby increase the life of your air pump used for bubbling. Available as a pack of 5 NRV
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