Premium Quality Net Pots - 2 inches dia
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Net pots made from premium quality plastic that are 100% virgin plastic. These net pots can be used for all kinds of hydroponic systems and aeroponics systems. Dimensions:2 1/8 inches top diameter1.5 inches bottom diameter2 inches tall Minimum - 20 pieces of net pots.
Plant Support Clips Plant Support Clips 2
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Plant Support Clips

These are PVC clips used as plant support clips fixed to the stem of the plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers which are soft stemmed and need trellising. These clips are used to connect the plant to the trellising twine/rope. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high instead of falling down. Available as a pack of 50 clips
Jiffy plug - Cocopeat rooting plugs 40mm (100 pcs) Jiffy plug - Cocopeat rooting plugs 40mm (100 pcs) 2
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Cocopeat Non-woven rooting plugs. Very easy to use. It consists of 100% coir, comes compressed. By adding water these small coins expands with its non woven biodegradable paper. Use it for rising seedlings and directly transplant with the outer cover. Pack Contains: 100 nos  of 40 mm seed starter plugs
Expanded Clay Aggregate Expanded Clay Aggregate 2
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Growing Media

Expanded Clay Aggregate -1Kg (3.3 Ltr)

Expanded Clay
Expanded clay is one of the best substrate for hydroponics growing. The substrate can be reused many times and thus is a eco friendly way to agriculture. This is a 1 kg pack.
Grow Bed 100cm X 40cm X 17cm Grow Bed 100cm X 40cm X 17cm 2
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Pots / Planters

Grow Bed 100cm X 40cm X 17cm

Rooftop Garden Bed/Grow Bed gives the best yield in the smallest space The most efficient for square foot garden 10-12 years life span Ideal for terrace kitchen gardens Dimension: 100cm  X 40cm X 17cm (LxBxH)
Irish Peat Moss
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Potting Media

High Quality Peat Moss

Peat moss is the most common ingredient for soilless mixes because of its wide availability. Peat moss decomposes very slowly and holds large amounts of water; however, it has a high acidity. Lime is usually added to balance the pH. It is a good add to even organic potting mixes.
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