Organic Broccoli Raab Organic Broccoli Raab 2
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Broccoli Microgreens

Organic Broccoli Raab Seeds

Our microgreens seeds are un-treated, non GMO, open pollinated and 100% organic seeds. Hence the microgreens seeds will taste best with these seeds. Packet contains 20gm of Broccoli Seeds.
Broccoli Green Imported
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Broccoli Green Imported Seeds

Veg_Broccoli green Imported
Green Imported is a variety of Broccoli, Each pack contain 100 seeds with 98% Physical purity 
Broccoli Romanesco
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Romanesco Broccoli is a Heirloom variety originating from Italy. It has a beautiful appearance and an interesting pattern that repeats itself. It has a nutty taste. It can be eaten raw or lightly coooked. It is a cold weather crop. Packet contains minimum 50 seeds.
F1  Anastya Broccoli seeds
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F1 Anastya Broccoli seeds

Veg_Anastya Broccoli
F1 Anastya is a variety of Broccoli  Each Pack contain 30 seeds  Germination percentage 70%
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