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  • Hollyhock

    Scientifically known as Alcea. This belongs to Malvaceae family. These are live for 2-3 three years and reseeded for further generation. It required minimum care. There are 60 varieties of flowers hollyhock plants are available. 

  • Celosia Pulmosa
    Celosia Pulmosa

    Celosia is commonly known as Plumed cockscomb, it is a herbaceous plant. It is known for its bright colour flowers. Required well drained soil other wise it leads to root rot. Need Extra fertilizer to get good growth.

  • Variegated Narstartium
    Variegated Narstartium

    Variegated Nasturtium belongs to genus Tropaeolum commonly known as Narstutium, arround 80 different annual , perennial  flowering varieties are available. Flowers are intensive bright petals.  petiol in center, they are round flowers.  

  • Balsam

    Balsam botanically known as Impatiens belongs to family Balsaminaceae. There are different colour flower plants available for gardening with single to multi petals. Plants has thick and soft stems. 

  • Marigold

    Tagetes species botanical name for marigold. There are two type of Marigold one is African another is french marigold  these belongs to calendulae family. Marigold flower develop different colour flowers like maroon, orange, red, Mixed and cream colored.Marigold are annual herb plant. 

  • Zinnia

    Zinnia are shrubs or sub shrubs specifically grow as erect stems sometimes mound over to ground, Zinnia develops different color flowers. Produced flowers are either single petals or multi petals. It develops white, red, purple, yellow and orange. 

  • Vinca

    Vinca commonly known as periwinkle. Botanical name of Vinca is  Catharanthus roseus belong to Apocyanaceae family. Vinca is known for its year round flowering. It is recognized with glossy, dark green leaves, it grow about 3 ft height. 

  • Coleus

    Coleus Scientifically known as Plectranthus scutellarioides belong to family laminaceae. Leaves are developed with different colour shades like, green, yellow, pink, black, red, yellow, marron  and white. Color of leaves mainly depend on intensity and duration of sunlight received. 

  • Aster

    Aster botanically called as Aster sps. belong to family Asteraceae for cultivation of aster require well drained, loamy soil. And it require full sun during planting and in developing stage partial shade required. 

  • Phlox

    Pholx belong to family Polemoniaceae they are annual and perinnials it develops different colour flowers like white,  pale blue, violet, pink and  bright red. In pholx genus there are more than 60 species are there. Cultivating phlox require well drained soil with rich organic matter for better establishment of crop. 

  • Cosmos

    Cosmos is a genus and it belongs to family Asteraceae. Cosmos develops broad ray florets and center of disc florets, species of cosmos develop range of coloured flowers like White, yellow, Pale pink, red etc., Cosomos are good for container, which helps to attract many beneficial insects like butterflies and honey bees to your garden. 

  • Dianthus

    Dianthus belong to family Caryophyllaceae in this genus more than 300 species are there as a ornamental flowers, they are annual, biennial and perennials. Dianthus is a hardy plants. Often used as a border /edge plant.  Dianthus also well suited for container planting. 

  • Pansy

    Pansy is a hybrid plant cultivated for gardening flowers, Scientific name for pansy is Viola tricolor  var. hortensis. Pansy is a required moist, well drained soil  with rich organic matter flower bicolour includes violet, yellow, gold, orange and purple many more. 

  • Petunia

    Petunia belongs to family solanaceae. It can grow even in hot climate, there habitat is like spreading type. It also suitable for cultivating in hanging basket. In Petunia develop various color flowers like  Purple, red, blue, violet, white and pink. 

  • Gaillardia

    Gaillardia is a genus belong to Asteraceae family, its commonly called as blanket flowers, they are richly colored flowers more than 24 species available in this genus. Gaillardia develops gold tipped rusted center flowers. Which is suited for planting in well drained soil, with full sun and also with stand  drought after flowering. 

  • Sunflower

    Sunflower belong to genus Helianthus and  family Asteraceae. Ornamental sunflower required well drained soil, but this grow in any type of soil. And it grow well in full sun. Sunflower require enough space other wise sunflower leaves, stems and flower emits some substance which inhibits growth of some plants. 

  • Ipomea

    Ipomea batatus is a scientific name for ornamental ipomea. Ipomea grow well in loose, well drained and fertile soil. It require full sun with partially shade. It develop different color flowers like white, Blue, Violet and Pink color round flowers. 

  • Calendula  Flower seeds
    Calendula Flower seeds

    Calendula bom bon Mixed is a commonly called as English marigold. 

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