Nitro-Boost (Beneficial Microbe)

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Nitro-Boost is a Beneficial microbe which contains Rhizobium strain, which helps in formation of root nodules to fix atmospheric nitrogen to soil for plant growth and development.

Each Pack contain 100 gm

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Nitro-Boost (Biofertilizer)

Recommended for All pulse crops like Black gram, green gram, Bengal gram, Soybean, Cow peas, and Beans.

Method of Application:

Seed treatment:

Mix one packet with rice ganji or jaggery water and prepare a slurry. Add the seeds requires and mix well with hand. Dry in shade for 30 minutes and sow the seeds with in 24 hours.

Soil Application:

Mix Rhizobium with 1 kg of compost or sand apply uniformly in the field while sowing or planting.


Rhizobium is a symbiotic bacterium, Which helps in reduce 20-30% application of Nitrogen fertilizer in to crop production

It is act as renewable source of nutrient

Sustain soil Health

Increase grain yield by 10-40%

Decompose plant residue, and stabilize C:N ration of soil.

Improve Texture, structure and water holding capacity of soil.

No adverse effect on plant growth and soil fertility.

Precaution: Do not apply with chemical fertilizers or insecticides.

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