How to sow seeds using Jiffy plugs

How to sow seeds using Jiffy plugs

How to sow seeds using Jiffy Plugs

Starting plants from seeds is the most economic and easy way to grow vegetable plants. Starting seeds is also where starters make most of the mistakes. Novice gardeners are not sure when to sow, when to transplant and when to plant the seedlings. Also, when they transplant, they end up disturbing the roots and eventually killing the plants. 

This is where Jiffy plugs come into the  picture.

Place Jiffy Plugs in a tray

Pre-soaking the Jiffy Plugs

To use jiffy plugs for seed sowing purposes, you need to soak them in water or a mild nutrient solution . Place the jiffy plugs in a tray and gently pour water or nutrient solution of low EC. Give it 5 minutes and all the jiffy plugs will expand to 3-4 times its height. Now they are ready for planting.

Preparing the Jiffy Plugs

Make small pits of about 0.5cm deep in every plug and then place the seed in that. Refer to the seed packet on sowing depth. Sowing them at the correct depth is the key for success in germination. 

Sowing the seeds

Now that you have sown the seeds, cover the seeds with the peat and cover it with a polythene. This is the time you should label the seeds and put a date on them. This is very important.

TIP: Covering the seeds ensures the moisture stays in the plug. Once after you cover with the polythene, no further watering is needed till they germinate.

Seed starting using Jiffy Plugs


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