2 and 1/2 sqft. for 2Kgs of veggies!

2 and 1/2 sqft. for 2Kgs of veggies!

Want to try out hydroponics, but don’t know how and where to start from? You are a beginner in hydroponics and have read few things about it, watched some videos and now want to start your own. Our suggestion is start small with a low cost easy maintenance system. Want to try out something which can be set up in a small balcony of your home.  You can start your hydroponics journey with Gardenguru's DIY Raft Kit which is a 12 planter system and takes only 2 and a half square feet of your space. It’s easy to set it up and also qualifies for a perfect hydroponics starter’s kit.

Raft system is based on the hydroponics technique called Deep Water Culture (DWC). In this technique the plants float on a raft on top of a reservoir filled with hydroponic nutrient solution with just the plant roots touching the water.

The raft system consists of 3 parts

DWC Raft Concept

DWC or Raft Kit Concept

Raft/Float: The top layer in this kit which holds the plant such that only the plant roots get immersed in the nutrient solution. This top/float has circular holes cut into which net cups(net pots) holding the plant/seedling needs to be placed. Net pots are small pots with perforation in the bottom which need to be filled with some support media (can be clay pebbles) and the seedling. As the seedling grows, the roots of the plant can reach the nutrients through the perforated bottom of net pots.

Reservoir: This is the container which is filled with the nutrients to supply the food for the plants afloat on the top raft.

Aerator: Plant roots breathe and we cannot submerge them in water (nutrient) completely. Also, the nutrient solution in the reservoir should not be stagnant, hence we need an aerator. This aerator is just a simple air-stone which is connected to an air bubbler using a silicone tube and lies in the bottom of the reservoir. This is to increase the dissolved oxygen in water and prevent root rot.

There you go, you can make one yourself or buy it online here. Try out this easy Hydroponics Raft Kit which can be used to grow all your green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, amaranthus, dil… and also all the herbs like coriander, basil, mint, oregano, thyme.. You don’t have to grow only food, you can use this kit to grow some flowers too.

What you should avoid growing in this system are plants that need support, like tomatoes, beans, gourds, climbers/creepers and huge plants like brinjal. 

Note: Transplant the seedlings into the system only when its roots can reach the nutrient solution in reservoir. Don’t sow seeds in this system.

Please do read Geekgardener's blog post on his experience with growing Basil in Gardenguru's DIY Raft Kit.

You will be able to grow two kilograms of greens in just two and a half square feet of space. What can be better than eating fresh right from your balcony. What are you waiting for? Get yourself this kit now and kick-start with hydroponics!

This video will help you to get started with Gardenguru's Raft Kit

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