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Romanesco Broccoli is a Heirloom variety originating from Italy. It has a beautiful appearance and an interesting pattern that repeats itself. It has a nutty taste. It can be eaten raw or lightly coooked. It is a cold weather crop.

Packet contains minimum 50 seeds.

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Romanesco broccoli is a variety of broccoli that is known for its interesting pattern that repeats itself. It is a heirloom variety from Italy. It is very easy to grow. It needs cold weather for optimum head formation.

Tips for success:

Grow this crop in spring, rainy  or whenever temperature in your area is cool at least 8 weeks.

Provide partial shade if temperature are likely to be above  26.6 degree celsius during the season.

Cover transplants with floating row covers to protect them from insects pests.

Seeds per Pack: 50 seeds.

Where to plant Romanesco Broccoli

Sunlight requirements- 6-8 Hrs

Spacing-  During spring plant spacing is 30 cm between the plant and  45 cm between the row and in rainy season plant grow little bigger at that time spacing will be

When to Plant Romanesco Broccoli

Sowing Calendar; Oct -Nov and Feb -March

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