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F1 Hybrid Capsicum Red Seeds

Rs. 80.00

Capsicum Red is a F1 Hybrid. Which comes well in warm climate.  Each pack contain 25 seeds Germination percentage 70% 

Capsicum Imp. Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Capsicum Imp. is a variety of Bell pepper. each pack contain 100 seeds with 98 % physical purity.  DESCRIPTION Capsicum Imp is a varitey of Bell pepper.  in different regions capsicum called in differernt names Tamil:Kudamilagai, Malayalam: Kuda mulagu, Telugu: Capsicum, Kannada: Donne menasinakaayi, Hindi: Simla Mirch. Capsicum used for culinary purpose. Capsicum used for cooking and as salad.  To cultivate capsicum Sandy loam , Clay loam and loam soils are best suited for cultivation, Soil should be well drained and well areated. Bell pepper cultivate in  warm and humid climate and a temperature of 20 C to 25 C....

Imported Capsicum Yellow Seeds

Rs. 80.00

Capsicum Yellow Imported (Bell Pepper) is a short duration crop. It is grown for salads, stuffed or cored and eat whole.  Each Pack contain 25 seeds  Germination percentage-70% 

F1 Capsicum Andhra -115 seeds

Rs. 80.00

F1 capsicum Andhra -115 is a variety of Bell pepper, which produce 4 lobed smooth green colored fruit. and good yielding variety.  Each pack contain 30 seeds Germination percentage 70% 

Imported Capsicum Orange seeds

Rs. 80.00

Imported Capsicum Orange is popular crop in home gardening. Peppers are a tender, warm season crop. It produce orange color fruits. Each Pack contain 30 seeds Germination percentage- 70% 



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