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Garden Guru is an initiative with a sole motto of converting urban concrete jungle into highly productive green spaces. We specialize in creating bountiful terrace gardens, rooftop gardens and vertical gardens in India. With a wide variety of Heirloom seeds, Organic and greenhouse grade vegetable seeds online, we are set out to bring out a green revolution again.

With our extremely friendly and expert team, we have over several thousand happy customers who have benefited from our handheld approach to teach terrace gardening.  We also are consultants for prestigious institutions such as IIHR, GKVK and various other Departments of Horticulture.

We work primarily on developing Hydroponics in India and constantly finding ways for making it reach the end consumer in a way that is easier for them to learn and start.

We are working on great technologies to bring terrace gardens on every roof possible. Come join us in our green journey!

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