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Ashwagandha is a ancient Medicinal plant. It is grown for long, brown, tuberous roots. The berries and leaves are applied externally to tumors, tubercular glands, Carbuncles and ulcers. 

Each Pack contain 100 seeds.

Germination percentage:70 %

Physical purity: 98%

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Ashwagandha is used to tone, support, and revitalize body function. 

Support health immune system, Calm mental process, Fosters health sleep patterns. 

Benefits a healthy reproductive system in both males and females, 

Sustain energy levels, strength and viability, including with Physical activity. 

Support healthy back and joints. 


Commonly called as Indian ginseng, Winter cherry, Punir,  Kanchuki-Kannada, Penneru-Telugu,Asurgandi -Tamil, Nagouri, rasbhari- Hindi.

Scientific name: Withania somnifera

Family:  Solanaceae

Soil and climatic requirement: Soil:Grow well in sandy loam or light red soil with good drainage with Ph 7.5 to 8. Climate: Crop require dry season during its growing period about 20 - 38 degree C. is most suitable for Cultivation

Crop Duration: 180 days

Planting season: May -June

Planting type: Transplanting 35-40 days old seedlings.

Spacing: 60x30 Cm

Depth of sowing: 1-3 cm

Germination period: 1-2 Weeks

Hours of sunlight required: 6-8 Hrs.

Irrigation: Ashwagandha crop does not tolerate excessive irrigation or water logged conditions. Provide light irrigation at the time of transplantation ensure better establishment of seedling, after that for better root yield irrigate crop at 8-10 day intervals.

Companion crops: pigeon pea(Red gram)

Seed treatment: Seed treated with Thiram @3g/Kg  

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