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Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass an essential Ingredient for stir fries and other oriental cooking, this unique lemon scented herb is quick growing and will make an interesting and make an interesting addition to the herb garden. 

Packet contains 100 seeds

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Lemon Grass

Botanical name Cymbopogon citronella

Family: Poaceae

Plant description: Lemongrass is a tall, perennial aromatic plant with thin and long leaves from a short rhizome. The stem is stout, erect grow up to 1.8 meter high. Leaves are long, glaucous, green, linear tapering upwards and along the margins; sheaths terete, those of the barren shoots widened and tightly clasping at the base, others narrow and separating.It is a short day plant. The inflorescence is a long spike about one meter in length. Flowers borne on decompound spatheate; panicles 30-60 cm long.

Climate and soil requirement for lemon grass cultivation:

Sunshine hours: Required full sun minimum 8 hrs sunlight.

Climate: Required warm humid climate for better establishment of crop and grow well in less rainfall area.

Soil: Lemongrass thrive well in all type of soil like rich loamy to poor laterite soil, sandy loam and red soil with well draining  are best for lemongrass cultivation.

Propagation: Lemongrass successfully propagated through seeds.  And transplant  20-30 days old plant to main field.

Plant spacing: Leave 60 cm spacing between the plant and 80 cm between the rows if planting done on the ground.

Irrigation: After sowing watering has to be done every alternative days for about 4 weeks, subsequent watering is done at every week intervals based on soil moisture.

Harvesting: Lemongrass reach harvesting stage 3 months after planting, cut the grass by 10 cm above the ground level to get ratoon crop, in first year 30 cutting, subsequent year 5-6 cuttings after 45-60 day of previous harvest.


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