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Combo Pack of 5 Organic Microgreen Seeds.

This Combo offers 5 packets of 20gm each of:

  • Lettuce Microgreen Seeds
  • Rocket Cultivated (Arugula) Microgreen Seeds
  • Red Mustard Microgreen Seeds
  • Purple Kale Microgreen Seeds
  • Beetroot Microgreen Seeds

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This Combo offers 5 packets of 20gm of following Organic Microgreen Seeds:

  1. Lettuce Microgreen Seeds
  2. Rocket Cultivated (Arugula) Microgreen Seeds
  3. Red Mustard Microgreen Seeds
  4. Purple Kale Microgreen Seeds
  5. Beetroot Microgreen Seeds

Our microgreens seeds are un-treated, non GMO seeds. Hence the microgreens grown using these seeds taste best.

How to grow your Microgreens from these seeds

  • Fill your container with cocopeat (1/1.5 inch deep) ,Add water lightly and make sure the media is moist not wet.

  • Generously sprinkle seeds over coco peat and press in lightly.

  • Liberally mist seeds with water and cover the container with a plastic lid.

  • Sprinkle/Spray water daily(12 Hrs once) as needed to keep the seeds moist.

  • After 3-4 days remove the plastic lid to expose germinated seeds to sun light.

  • Water once a day while your micro greens grow and gain color.

  • After 10-12 days your micro greens should be ready to harvest.

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