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Feed & Forget Slow release fertilizer

Slow relese fertilizer is a  controlled release N-P-K+Trace elements  fertilizer . This is a fully coated fertilizer that releases the nutrients in a period of 6 months.  It contains all essential plant nutrients such as Nitrogen (16%), Phosphorus (8%), Potassium(12%), Magnesium(2%), Sulphur(5%) and TE.

Pack contains: 200grams of slow release fertilizer

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Feed & Forget 6M is a slow release fertilizer that delivers nutrients to plants over a period of time. This can be applied to potted plants,bedding plants, flowering annuals, perennial shrubs and fruiting plants.

The coated granules can be mixed with the potting mix before potting up or top dressed for pots that have established plants.

Fertilizer dosage and Rate of application:

For potted plants:

The rate of application of slow release fertilizer for potted plants is 3-4 grams per litre of potting media/mix. This is approximately 1/2 teaspoon per litre of potting mix.

Rate: 1/2 tsp per litre of potting mix. A pot with 12" dia and 10" of soil depth would need approximately 50grams of Feed & Forget Slow release fertilizer.

To calculate the volume of the potting mix in your container, measure the top dia and the height of the soil in the container (for cylindrical pots) and calculate the volume of the cylinder). For pots with other shapes do the math according their shape.

For plants on the ground/Bed:
The rate of application is
500 grams for every 100 sq.feet applied via broadcasting.

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