Root Buddy - VAM

Root Buddy - VAM


This is a fungi that penetrates the roots of the plants and helps them to capture nutrients from the soil. These fungi are well known for their ability to uptake and transport mineral nutrients from the soil directly into plant roots.

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Mycorrhizae obtain their nutrients from the plant and provide mineral elements in return like N, P, K, Ca, S and Zn to the plant. It solubulises and mobilizes the fixed phosphorus within the soil and makes it available to the plants. It mobilizes the micro nutrients from soil to the plant roots helping in more nutrient uptake.
Having these micro-organisms in your potting mix/soil enhances water absorption, storage and movement back into plants, thereby improving plant's tolerance to drought. They produce specific antibiotics, which immobilize and kill soil borne pathogens. So, VAM not only keeps your soil living and rich but also to some extent qualifies to be a bio-pesticide.


Mix a teaspoonful of this into the top soil of each plant container/pot. Water it well and regularly for these micro-organisms to survive and also multiply. You can improve your soil by applying this to your containers once in two months.

Nursery application (100gm/sq.m) : This powder/inoculum can also be applied at 2-3 cm below the soil level on the time of sowing. Polybag seedlings(10 kg of VAM for 1000 kg of potting mixture) : Mix 10 kg of the inoculum with 1000 kg of potting mixture before sowing.

At planting (20 gm/seedling) : Apply on the time of planting. Grown up trees (two hundred gm/tree) : Apply the inoculum near the root zone.


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