Cineraria Maritima - Silver Dust Seeds

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Silver Dust is a perennial herbaceous plant

It grows well in direct sunlight

Seed packet will have minimum 20 seeds with 98% physical purity


Centaurea cineraria, the Velvet Centaurea, is – like some other plants – also known as "dusty miller". It is a small plant in the family Asteraceae and originates from the Island of Capraia in Italy, where it is called fiordaliso delle scogliere.[3]

The mature plants will grow from 15 cm to 60 cm (6inches to 24 inches). They prefer full sun, but will tolerate light shade, and also prefers average to rich well-drained soil.

C. cineraria will produce small white or yellow flowers in summer, but these are usually trimmed because the plant is normally grown as foliage.

It has high drought tolerance. It looks best in Autumn, spring and summer

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