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Imported Yard Long Beans Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Yard long beans or chines long bean is Scientifically called as Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis .  Pack contain 40 seeds with 98 % Physical purity.

Selection pole beans Amira Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Pole beans botanically called as Phaseolus Vulgaris, each pack contain 30 seeds with 98% physical purity. These beans  having climbing habitat which need to staking with some poles. that's the name called Pole bean. This can be grown in all the season. Beans are 2nd popular vegetable next to tomato. Pole Selection pole beans amira is a climbing habitat, this can be grown in through out the year.  Pole beans require well drained soil with  rich in organic matter. Pole beans comes well provide proper spacing between plants and ridges. 70-90 cm between the plants and 75 cm between the...

F1 Hybrid Gwar phali Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Rs. 65.00

F1 Hybrid Gwar Phali is a Hybrid cluster bean, it is an annual legume.Seeds per Pack: 10 gmCluster bean or Gwar phali scientific name is Cyamous tetragoclobe is a annual legume grow for its edible pods. This can be grow both summer and rainy/Manson season. This thrive well in warm climatic condition. Cluster beans grow in all type of soil but thrives well in well drained sandy loam soil. Cluster bean crop is hardy and drought resistant crop.Scientific name: Cyamopsis tetragonolobaFamily: LeguminosaeCommon Names: Gaur- Hindi, Kothavarangai- Tamil, Goru chikkudu- Telugu, Gorikayi -KannadaSoil and climatic requirement: Soil: well drained sandy loam...

France bean Hy selection seeds

Rs. 70.00

France beans Hybrid selection is a high yielding varieties of Beans.  Each pack contain 10 gm seeds with 98% physical purity, and 70% germination.   

Pencil Beans Selection Nitara Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Pencil Beans is a selection of Nitara, Each pack contain 30 seeds with 98% physical purity. Pencil bean is a dwarf variety.  Pencil Beans selection Nitara, Pencil beans are attractive in colour, superior quality tender, High yielding variety. Pencil beans plants are vigorous in growth pods contain white small sized seeds. Erected plant growth with more branches, First picking start from 40 -45 day after sowing. Pods are lustrous dark green, round and straight. pods are 12-13 cm long and thick flesh. Pencil beans are grown for its aroma and its keeping quality. 



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