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DIY Hydroponic Raft System

Rs. 2,288.14

Hydroponic Raft System is a DIY system that is one of the Deep Water Culture systems available. The plants are suspended from the lid of the container. The container acts as a reservoir. It is easy to assemble and is very compact. It comes with 12 planting sites.Price: 2700 INR (incl GST 18%)Hydroponic Raft System is a type of a Deep Water Culture system in which the plant's roots are suspended in a nutrient rich solution that is continuously bubbled using an Aquarium Air Pump. The DIY kit contains the followingA reservoir ( 20 Ltr capacity)Lid with 12 plant spaces...

Expanded Clay Aggregate -1Kg (3.3 Ltr)

Rs. 211.86

Expanded clay is one of the best substrate for hydroponics growing. The substrate can be reused many times and thus is a eco friendly way to agriculture. This is a 1 kg pack.Expanded clay aggregate, is a lightweight ceramic shell with honeycomb core produced by firing natural clay to temperatures of 1100-1200°C in a rotating kiln. The pellets are rounded in shape and fall from the kiln in a grade of approximately 0-32mm with an average dry bulk density of approximately 350 kg/m³. The material is sieved into a number of different grades to suite the application.With the advantage of...

40mm Jiffy plug - Cocopeat rooting plugs(100 pcs)

Rs. 552.38

Cocopeat Non-woven rooting plugs. Very easy to use. It consists of 100% coir, comes compressed. By adding water, these small coins expands with its non woven biodegradable paper. Use it for raising seedlings and directly transplant with the outer cover. Pack Contains: 100 nos. of 40 mm seed starter plugs Please refer The Guide to Using Jiffy plugs for seed starting. Please watch this video to see how easy and convenient it is to use these coco-coir pellets purchased from Gardenguru to start seed  

Net Pots - 3 inches dia

Rs. 114.45

Rs. 108.73

Net pots made from premium quality plastic that are 100% virgin plastic. These net pots can be used for all kinds of hydroponic and aquaponics systems. Dimensions:3 inches top diameter2 inches bottom diameter2.5 inches tall Pack of 15 pieces of net pots.

Net Pots - 2 inches dia

Rs. 96.60

From Rs. 91.77

Net pots made from premium quality plastic that are 100% virgin plastic. These net pots can be used for all kinds of hydroponic systems and aeroponics systems. Dimensions:2 1/8 inches top diameter1.5 inches bottom diameter2 inches tall Pack of 20 pieces of net pots.

Grow bag/Poly bag - White 40x24x24cm

Rs. 254.23

These polybags have the ideal size of growing vegetables in them. Dimensions are 40x24x24 cm. Pack of 10 These polybags can be placed in full sunlight and has a lifetime of about 3-3.5 years. Comes with drainage holes premade. Economical alternative to pots. A 5 kg block of cocopeat can fill 3 of these bags.

Plant Support Clips

Rs. 125.00

These are PVC clips used as plant support clips fixed to the stem of the plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers which are soft stemmed and need trellising. These clips are used to connect the plant to the trellising twine/rope. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high instead of falling down. Available as a pack of 50 clips

Orchid Pots / Net Pots 6 inches dia

Rs. 339.00

Rs. 322.05

These are premium pots used for Hydroponic culture like kratky system, bubbler system and/or for Orchid cultivation. Net pots made from premium quality plastic that are 100% virgin plastic. These net pots can be used for all kinds of hydroponic systems. Pack of 10 pieces of net pots. Excellent quality net pots which is very thick and more heavy-duty. Smaller mesh allows the grower to use virtually all types of grow media.Features:   100% Virgin PPCP Material Durable Fine Work Heavy Duty Crack Resistance Trendy Look Contemporary Design These net pots are best suited for Kratky hydroponic systems, bubbler system and...

DIY Hydroponic Kit - 30 planter NFT

Rs. 10,999.15

Rs. 8,728.81

The 30-plant Hydroponic DIY Kit allows the beginners to experience and work with Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) based hydroponic systems on a small scale like a home garden. With this system, grow 30 plants using five NFT channels in just 1 sq meter of your space. Kit Price: INR 12979.00 INR 10,299.99 (inclusive of GST)NOTE: This Kit is available only for Store-Pick up from our Bangalore Store (Call us @Vinod +919742270422, before placing the order from other locations of India)The 30-plant Hydroponic DIY Kit is a Beginner's Hydroponic Kit which is based on Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). This kit allows...

Air Pump BOYU 3500

Rs. 203.39

Now you can make your own DIY Hydroponics and/or Aquaponics gardening Kits using this small, compact air pump available at affordable price at Gardenguru's online store. This is an efficient, low power, small sized air pump useful for aeration in hydroponics or aquaponics gardening kits. Also useful in aeration of aquatic animal environment. Plant roots breathe and we cannot submerge them in water (nutrient) completely. Use this air pump to increase the dissolved oxygen in water and prevent root rot in any hydroponics/aquaponics system you design. Connect to this air pump, a simple air-stone using a silicone tube and you...

Grow Bed 100cm X 40cm X 17cm

Rs. 525.42

Rooftop Garden Bed/Grow Bed gives the best yield in the smallest spaceThe most efficient for square foot garden Ideal for terrace kitchen gardens 100% recycled prolypropolene plastic10-12 years life spanDimension:100cm X 40cm X 17cm (LxBxH)These grow beds are a good option for container gardening on the rooftop, balcony or on the ground. Ideal for growing green leafy vegetables but can also be used for growing any fruiting vegetables such as tomato, brinjal and bell peppers.

Non-return valve (Pack of 5)

Rs. 127.12

This Non-return valve (NRV) is a useful element for any air bubbler system. This will prevent the siphoning action and thereby increase the life of your air pump used for bubbling.Available as a pack of 5 NRVThis non-return valve allows air to flow in only one direction. A non-return valve is fitted in any air bubbling system to ensure that a medium flows through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow (or the siphoning).

Plant Support Trellis Hook

Rs. 16.95

Galvanized Trellis hook for supporting, securely lowering and leaning of climber plants, this hook is suited for commercial use or hobbyists. Length of Hook is 11.5 Inchs with 25 feet long UV treated black twine. Minimum Order 10 pcs.



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