DIY Hydroponic Raft System

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Hydroponic Raft System is a DIY system that is one of the Deep Water Culture systems available. The plants are suspended from the lid of the container. The container acts as a reservoir. It is easy to assemble and is very compact. It comes with 12 planting sites.

Price: 2700 INR (incl GST 18%)

Hydroponic Raft System is a type of a Deep Water Culture system in which the plant's roots are suspended in a nutrient rich solution that is continuously bubbled using an Aquarium Air Pump. The DIY kit contains the following

A reservoir ( 20 Ltr capacity)
Lid with 12 plant spaces ( Holes of 3" dia)
Nutrients salts for making upto 100 litres of final solution
Jiffy Plugs 15 nos
Netpots 15 nos
Aquarium pump 1nos
Expanded Clay (Leca)
Seeds ( 3 packets)

Instruction Manual

If you follow this step by step guide for setting up raft system, you will get bountiful harvests.
Here is the video to guide you in setting it up

Please download our Installation manual here. For more info check our blog article:

How to grow basil in a Hydroponic Raft system

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