Okra Bhindi Sujata Seeds

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Okra Bhindi Sujata is a F1 Hybrid, Grown as a annual vegetable. This can grow in extremely drought and heat condition.

Seeds per Pack: 10gm seeds

Germination Percentage: 70%

It is a herbaceous annual plant but it survives only one season. It is grown for its edible seeds pods which are scarlet red in colour. Flowers are with white to yellow in colour with 5 petals, 1.6-3 inches in diameter. Seeds pods are capsule about 3-6 inches long, which contain numerous seeds.

Common names of Bhindi: Bhindi (hindi), Vendakkai(Tamil), Bende kayi (telugu) bendekai(kannada)

Soil and Climatic requirement: Soil: Bhendi can grow in any soil, for best yield grow in Sandy loam and clay loam soils. Climate: Bendi is warm season crop require long warm season, This can grow in summer and rainy season, It is highly sensitive to frost and seed germinate poorly in ground temperature of 20 c or less.

Crop Duration: 90-100 days

Cropping season: January -March ,June - Aug.

Germination period: 6-18 days

Hours of sunlight required: Minimum 8 Hrs sunlight.

Watering: Crop requires moist soil when it germinate, and it requires irrigation in weekly intervals.

Companion crops: Melons, cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplant.

Planting Care:  Okra plants are tall, hence proper plant spacing is essential for better crop establishment. Be sure to space out the rows 3 to 4 feet apart. 
Eliminate weeds when the plants are in early stage, then mulch heavily to prevent more weeds from growing. 

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