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Epsom Salt for Plants (100% Pure Magnesium Sulfate)

Rs. 71.43

Rs. 47.62

Pure Epsom salt for your plants. Available in 200 gms pack. Magnesium Sulfate is an important ingredient for all plants. Too much MgSO4 can inhibit the uptake of Calcium. But in low concentrations it works wonders as helps plant to uptake nitrates more effectively.   Usage Instructions Mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a liter of water. Apply this solution weekly to your plants. Can be used for the following plants Tomato Pepper Cucumber Roses Strawberries Hibiscus etc

Organic Fertilizer - Fertiplus

Rs. 133.33

Rs. 126.66

This is a pelleted Organic Fertilizer made from a mix of various chicken manure, oil cakes, bone meal, hoof meal and horn meal. Packet weight: 1KgNPK Values : 4-3-3Usage: Apply 1-2 tablespoon full of this fertilizer to potted plants once a month. Remove upto 1inch of the top soil and spread the mentioned amount around the plant and cover it up with top soil and water it immediately.

Peat Moss High Quality

Rs. 142.86

Peat moss is the most common ingredient for soilless mixes because of its wide availability. Peat moss decomposes very slowly and holds large amounts of water; however, it has a high acidity. Lime is usually added to balance the pH. It is a good add to even organic potting mixes. Peat Moss can be used for indoor plants, hanging pots and also mixed with other potting media. It has good Air porosity Water/moisture retention. Nutrition holding capacity. Support/Anchorage. Fluffy and light weight. Well draining. Infection/pest free Free from weed seeds Available in 1kg pack Link to how to use peat moss

Trichoderma Viride

Rs. 100.00

Trichoderma Viride is a fungi which controls many plant diseases. It produces antibiotic substances that kill several plant pathogens or suppresses their growth.It controls root/collar/stem rot, damping off, wilt & blight diseases of many crops.It also releases plant growth promoting agents. Packet net weight 250 gm Package contains :Spores of Trichoderma Viride and Nutrient Medium residue 1.00% w/wCFU Count per Gram: 2x106 GM. min Usage: Foliar application: Dissolve 3 g of Trichoderma Viride Powder in one litre of water and spray on both sides of leaf during evening hours.Soil application: Mix 5 gm of Trichoderma Viride Powder in 1 kg...

Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Rs. 100.00

Pseudomonas Fluorescens is a common Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium. It belongs to the Pseudomonas genus. It is bacteria that is used as pesticide for controlling root and collor rot in all major crops. Packet Net weight 250 gm. It produces group of antibiotics which competes with other plant pathogens and suppresses their growth and kills them. It controls leaf, soil, seed & air borne diseases such as onion smut, paddy blast, bacterial wilt, die-back in chilli & tomatoIt also releases plant growth promoting agents. Chemical compositionsBacterial Cells: 0.5%w/w (>9x108 cfu/g)Carrier (talc Powder) 99.5%w/wUsage:Foliar application: Dissolve 3 g of Pseudomonas Fluorescens in...

Paecilomyces Lilacinus

Rs. 100.00

This product contains the opportunistic entomophagous fungus viz Paecilomyces Lilacinus, which is proved as a promising Bio-Control agent for Nematodes, a damaging organisms among the plant parasites in Vegetables, Horticulture crops and Plantation Crops. Packet net weight 250gm Composition:Pacilomyces lilacinus 1% (w/w)Sticking agent – CMC – 1%. Inactive Ingredients 98.0% (w/w)(Moisture 35%, talc 63%) Benefits:1) The target Nematodes are Meloidogyne spp (Root knot nematodes), Radopholus simillis (Burrowing nematodes), Tylenchus semipenetrans (Citrus nematodes), Globoderaro stichinensis (Potato cyst nematodes), Heterodera Spp(Cyst Nematode).2) It is eco-friendly, environmentally safe and cause no pollution3) It is much cheaper than a standard nematicide.Dosage: Mix 10gm of...

Neem Cake Powder 1 Kg Pack

Rs. 110.00

Pressed Neem cake from processed neem seeds. The main metabolite compound of neem azadirachtin is an effective pest controller. Neem does not kill the pest but changes the behavioral pattern of the bug.

Beauveria Bassiana

Rs. 100.00

Beauveria Bassiana is a species of fungus which are naturally found in the soil, they belongs to entomopathogenic fungi family. This living organism acts like a parasite, infecting different types of pest insects like white fly, aphids, thrips, termites, mealy bugs, shoot borer, semi-looper & other caterpillars. Packet net weight 250 gm Beauveria bassiana fungus (spores) when come into contact with the insect’s skin, they spread into the insect's blood, which they feed on. This causes small insects like thrips to die within three to five days and larger insects to die within five to seven days. Chemical Composition: Beauveria...

Root Buddy - VAM

Rs. 100.00

VAM-VESICULAR ARBUSCULAR MYCORRHIZAE This is a fungi that penetrates the roots of the plants and helps them to capture nutrients from the soil. These fungi are well known for their ability to uptake and transport mineral nutrients from the soil directly into plant roots. Packet net weight 250 gm

Azotobacter spp.

Rs. 100.00

Azotobacter are aerobic, free-living soil microbes which play an important role in the nitrogen cycle in nature, binding atmospheric nitrogen, which is inaccessible to plants, and releasing it in the form of ammonium ions into the soil. Packet net weight 250gm Azotobacter species are Gram-negative bacteria found in neutral and alkaline soils, in water, and in association with some plants. It induces plants to produce more of beneficial harmones like IAA, GA, Cytokinins and several vitamins. It also induces plants to produce antibiotics which inhibits soil & plant pathogens. Azotobacter can also produce antifungal compounds which suppress a variety of...



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