Beauveria Bassiana

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Beauveria Bassiana is a species of fungus which are naturally found in the soil, they belongs to entomopathogenic fungi family. This living organism acts like a parasite, infecting different types of pest insects like white fly, aphids, thrips, termites, mealy bugs, shoot borer, semi-looper & other caterpillars.

Packet net weight 250 gm

Beauveria bassiana fungus (spores) when come into contact with the insect’s skin, they spread into the insect's blood, which they feed on. This causes small insects like thrips to die within three to five days and larger insects to die within five to seven days.

Chemical Composition:
Beauveria Bassiana a.i (1x108 CFU/gm) : 01.15% w/w
Inert material 98.85% w/w

Dissolve 3 gm of Beauveria Bassiana Powder in one litre of water and spray on both sides of the leaf. Spray once in a 10 days in the evening time.


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