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DIY Hydroponic Raft System DIY Hydroponic Raft System 2
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Hydroponic Systems

DIY Hydroponic Raft System

Hydroponic Raft System is a DIY system that is one of the Deep Water Culture systems available. The plants are suspended from the lid of the container. The container acts as a reservoir. It is easy to assemble and is very compact. It comes with 12 plant spaces. Price: 2700 INR (incl GST 18%)
DIY Hydroponic Kit - 30 planter NFT
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The 30-plant Hydroponic DIY Kit allows the beginners to experience and work with Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) based hydroponic systems on a small scale like a home garden. With this system, grow 30 plants using five NFT channels in just 1 sq meter of your space. Kit Price: 12979/-(inclusive of GST) NOTE: This Kit is available only for Store-Pick up from...
Plant Support Clips Plant Support Clips 2
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Plant Support Clips

These are PVC clips used as plant support clips fixed to the stem of the plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers which are soft stemmed and need trellising. These clips are used to connect the plant to the trellising twine/rope. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high instead of falling down. Available as a pack of 50 clips
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Net pots made from premium quality plastic that are 100% virgin plastic. These net pots can be used for all kinds of hydroponic systems and aeroponics systems. Dimensions:2 1/8 inches top diameter1.5 inches bottom diameter2 inches tall Colour: Off white Minimum - 20 pieces of net pots.
Microgreens Growing Kit
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Microgreens Seeds

Microgreens Growing Kit

Ready to grow Microgreens Kit  The Kit Includes: Black Tray 11cm X 11cm X 2.5cm (Depth) : 10 nos Cocopeat: 1 kg Five Variety Organic Seeds :- Arugula / Rocket Seeds : 20 gms Broccoli Seeds : 20 gms Red Mustard Seeds : 20 gms Pok Choi Seeds : 20 gms Kale Seeds : 20 gms (Each seeds packet contains enough seeds to plant the kit two to three times)
Cherry Tomatoes-Cheramy Cherry Tomatoes-Cheramy 2

Cherry Tomatoes-Cheramy

Cheramy Cherry tomatoes are indeterminate variety. These are high-yielding red cherry tomatoes. Each packet contains 10 seeds.
Kale Black Tuscan Leaf
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Kale Black Tuscan Leaf

Kale Black Leaf
Kale is a highly nutritious vegetable, this also known as Queen of greens. Each pack contain 50 seeds with 98% Physical purity. 

Who we are?

We are gardeners that are extremely passionate about growing our own food.  Our everlasting thirst for best varieties to grow has connected us to a lot of similar minds.

Together we build a community of urban farmers who strive to make every inch of their rooftop, balcony productive by growing plants.

Our interests include Urban farming, Hobby hydroponics and commercial hydroponics.

Urban Farming Inputs

We offer select inputs for Urban farming. Our offerings include seeds, plant food and accessories for hydroponics farming in India

Commercial Hydroponics in India

With a decade of experience in commercial hydroponics in India, we hand hold the client in their journey into commercial Hydroponics. We offer consultancy and turnkey services for setting up projects.


With the growing number of hitech farms, there is a huge requirement for skills. Our training on Hydroponics and urban farming imparts all that is required to setup and manage a hydroponic farm.

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