Trichoderma Viride

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Trichoderma Viride is a fungi which controls many plant diseases. It produces antibiotic substances that kill several plant pathogens or suppresses their growth.It controls root/collar/stem rot, damping off, wilt & blight diseases of many crops.
It also releases plant growth promoting agents.

Packet net weight 250 gm

Package contains :
Spores of Trichoderma Viride and Nutrient Medium residue 1.00% w/w
CFU Count per Gram: 2x106 GM. min


Foliar application: Dissolve 3 g of Trichoderma Viride Powder in one litre of water and spray on both sides of leaf during evening hours.
Soil application: Mix 5 gm of Trichoderma Viride Powder in 1 kg of Farm Yard Manure and broadcast on the soil around the each plant. Trichoderma Viride are saprophytic in nature and live and multiply in soil using soil organic matter as food. Repeat this in every 2 months interval.
For seed tratment: 10-15 gram tricoderma is mixed in one litre water and left overnight. then dip the seed in this liquid for 1-2 minute.

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