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F1 Rama Bottle gourd Seeds

Rs. 70.00

F1 Rama Bottle gourd is hybrid seeds each seeds pack contain 5 gm seeds with 98 % physical purity. Rama Ridge gourd is a grow well in sandy loam soils, but also grow in wide variety of soil. it required pH is 6.5-7.5. This variety required organic matter for better yield. 

F1 Bulb Type (Latu) Bottle gourd

Rs. 55.00

F1 Bulb type (Latu) is variety of bottle gourd. This variety bear bulb shaped fruits leaves are lush greens. best Grown up in trellis or fences to help to retain their shape. if left to grow on ground they flatten on one side. In Each Pack contain 3 Gm Seeds. Germination percentage -70% 



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