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F1 Hybrid Gwar phali Seeds

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F1 Hybrid Gwar Phali is a Hybrid cluster bean, it is an annual legume.Seeds per Pack: 10 gmCluster bean or Gwar phali scientific name is Cyamous tetragoclobe is a annual legume grow for its edible pods. This can be grow both summer and rainy/Manson season. This thrive well in warm climatic condition. Cluster beans grow in all type of soil but thrives well in well drained sandy loam soil. Cluster bean crop is hardy and drought resistant crop.Scientific name: Cyamopsis tetragonolobaFamily: LeguminosaeCommon Names: Gaur- Hindi, Kothavarangai- Tamil, Goru chikkudu- Telugu, Gorikayi -KannadaSoil and climatic requirement: Soil: well drained sandy loam...



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