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English Cucumber seeds - Mini Cucumber Seeds

Rs. 150.00

This is the seedless variety of cucumber. Short English type. Every flower sets fruit. No need to pollinate them.Seeds per Pack: 10 precision seedsCucumbers are not hard to grow if you provide good soil, plenty of moisture and full sun, wait for soil and weather to warm before planting.

Cucumber Sultan Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Packet contains minimum 10 seeds with 96% physical purity.  

Cucumber Beit Alpha Seeds

Rs. 70.00

A crunchy variety of cucumber with a very good yield. Provide support for these creepers and they will yield duriing the entire crop. These are delicious, very sweet cucumbers that are usually picked small and do not need peeling as the skin is very tender. These Cucumbers absolutely have no bitterness and one of the earliest to produce.Seeds per Pack: 10 seeds with 98% physical purity.

F1 Selection Cucumber -Samber

Rs. 70.00

F1 Selection cucumber -samber is variety of Cucumber grown for culinary uses.  Each Pack contain 50 seeds. Germination Percentage: 70 %



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