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Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds

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Yellow Pear Tomato variety is an indeterminate type, heirloom tomato .This plant grows bright yellow tomatoes in clusters that are small and shaped like pears and mild in flavour. They fruits size grows to one and two inches (2.5-5 cm.) in length when ripe.Seeds per pack: 40 seedsGermination percentage: 70% Botanical name: Solanum Lycopersicum Family: SolanaceousCommon names in different language: Kannada-Tomato Hannu, Hindi- Tameta, Tamil-Takkali, Telugu Tametokai / Ramamulaga (Pandu/Kaya)Plant Morphology: Tomato plants are dicots, they produce series of brunch stems with a terminal bud at the tip that does the actual growing. If the tips are pruned lateral buds...



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