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F1 Radish All Season-99 Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Rs. 60.00

Radish is Botanically called as Raphanus sativas belongs to Brassicaceae family, this can be grown through out the year with all type of soils and thrive well in well drained loose soil. All season -99 is a F1 Hybrid of Radish. Seeds per Pack: 10 g of seeds Germination percentage 70%

Radish Scarlet Red Globe IMP

Rs. 80.00

Rs. 70.00

Round Red Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus) is an edible root vegetable. It is grown as a summer and monsoon crop. Sow the seeds about 1cm deep and min 5 inches apart in the place were 5 hours or more of sunlight area with fertile, well-drained, moist soils with plenty of organic matter. Harvest the crop after 35 to 40 days.  Packet contains 100 seeds with 98% Physical Purity

F1 Radish Long Red Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Rs. 63.00

F1 Radish Red long variety can cultivate with minimum efforts it is very curious crop. Each pack contain 10 gm seeds.  Germination percentage:70% This variety produce long roots, with pointed end, meat is tender with good flavour and spicy if harvest in winter and summer. It is good for salads. This variety can plant through out the year. It comes well in full sun. In summer watering frequency is more than regular. 



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