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Squash pattison pan Seeds

Rs. 80.00

Rs. 65.00

Squash is a seasonal vegetable, Squash plants are heavy feeders. It needs well drained organic rich soil to get more bumper yield. Squash pattison pan is a cucurbitacea vegetable. Seeds per pack: 10 seeds with 98 % Physical purity

Squash Golden Yellow

Rs. 80.00

Rs. 75.00

Squash golden yellow is a variety of Zucchini produce yellow colored firm fruits.  Each pack contain 10 seeds Germination percentage: 70%

Squash waltham Butternut

Rs. 80.00

Rs. 72.00

Squash waltham butternut is variety of zucchini. It is known for its sweet, orange flesh and tan skin.  Pack contain 10 seeds. Germination percentage: 70%

Squash Long Green

Rs. 80.00

Rs. 75.00

Squash green is a variety of zucchini fruits are dark green with firm texture.  Each pack contain 10 seeds. Germination percentage: 70%

F1 Hybrid Pumpkin SS-12

Rs. 40.00

Each pack contain 30 seeds  Germination percentage:70% Physical purity:98%

F1 Hybrid Pumpkin Beema Seeds

Rs. 55.00

Each pack contain 10 seeds.  germination percentage:70%' Physical purity of seeds:98%



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