Italian Basil - Broad Leaf

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"Basil is scientifically called as Ocimum basillicum, It belongs to family Lamiaceae.
It is an aromatic herb known for its strong yet pleasant flavor. Basil is easily started from seeds or from cuttings. This makes growing basil very easy for gardeners. It can be easily grown in a kitchen garden or in a container garden. Several varieties of Basil exist.
Basil is a Italian culinary herb which is used for pesto, flour soup, wines and sauces. Basil sprinkled on sliced tomatoes either whole or sliced.

Seeds per Pack: 100 seeds

Soil and Climate: Prefers moist but well drained soil. It is a warm-weather herb and grows well in summer.Grows well in area with 6-8 hours of sun and will do well too if grown in partial shade.

Keep harvesting the leaves to let the plant grow strong. Pinch off the centre shoot after 6 weeks of growth to avoid flowering and enhance branching to enjoy more leaves"

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