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Cabbage deep Shikha

Rs. 55.00

F1 Deep Shikha -60 is a Cabbage variety  Each Pack contain 50 seeds Germination percentage -70% 

Wong Bok Chinese Cabbage Seeds

Rs. 80.00

Wong Bok Chinese Cabbage produce barrel shaped heads weight 2-2.5 kg, It is grow for Excellent keeping quality, long shelf life.  Each pack contain 100 seeds  Germination percentage 70%

F1 Hybrid Cabbage Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Rs. 63.00

Cabbage is modified leafy vegetable with low calorie and fiber rich.F1 Hybrid Cabbage seeds are produce uniform heads with average 1 kg weight. Seeds per Pack: 100 seeds.Germination percentage 70 %Scientific name: Brassica oleracea var. capitataFamily: Brassicaceae/ Cruciferae Common Names: Ele Kosu-Kannada Soil and climatic requirement: Soil: It can grow wide range of soils from sandy loam to clay. It require pH ranging from 5.5 - 6.5 for higher production. It thrives well if soil have good drainage and rich in organic matter. Climate: optimum temperature for germination 12.5 to 15 degree C. well hardened temperature can tolerate frost condition,...

Red cabbage imported Seeds

Rs. 80.00

Imported Red cabbage is a  exotic variety. Each pack contain 30 seeds with 98% physical purity 



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