F1 Hybrid Cabbage Seeds

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Cabbage is modified leafy vegetable with low calorie and fiber rich.
F1 Hybrid Cabbage seeds are produce uniform heads with average 1 kg weight.

Seeds per Pack: 100 seeds.

Germination percentage 70 %

Scientific name: Brassica oleracea var. capitata

Family: Brassicaceae/ Cruciferae

Common Names: Ele Kosu-Kannada

Soil and climatic requirement: Soil: It can grow wide range of soils from sandy loam to clay. It require pH ranging from 5.5 - 6.5 for higher production. It thrives well if soil have good drainage and rich in organic matter. Climate: optimum temperature for germination 12.5 to 15 degree C. well hardened temperature can tolerate frost condition, in hot dry atmosphere head quality become poor.

Crop Duration: Early maturity -60-70 days, Mid season- 80-90 days and Late varieties 90-120 days

Planting season: Sep-oct

Planting type: Transplant seedling at 4-5 true leaf stage.

Spacing: Row-Row 45 Cm and Plant -Plant 30Cm

Depth of sowing: 1-2 cm

Germination period: 3-4 days

Hours of sunlight required: At Least 6-8 Hrs

Irrigation: First irrigation is given soon after transplanting of seedlings and thereafter irrigation may be applied at 10-15 days intervals. optimum soil moisture should be maintained by frequent irrigation during critical period of head formation and development. Uneven moisture supply during this period may result into splitting or bursting of head adversely affecting the quality of produce.

Companion crops: Onion, coriander, marigold, rosemary, tomato and mint.

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