Air Pump BOYU 3500

Rs. 203.39


Now you can make your own DIY Hydroponics and/or Aquaponics gardening Kits using this small, compact air pump available at affordable price at Gardenguru's online store. This is an efficient, low power, small sized air pump useful for aeration in hydroponics or aquaponics gardening kits. Also useful in aeration of aquatic animal environment.

Plant roots breathe and we cannot submerge them in water (nutrient) completely. Use this air pump to increase the dissolved oxygen in water and prevent root rot in any hydroponics/aquaponics system you design. Connect to this air pump, a simple air-stone using a silicone tube and you have the simplest aerator. This is to increase the dissolved oxygen in water and prevent root rot. Also, the nutrient solution in any DWC system should not be stagnant, hence we need an aerator.


Efficient, low power consumption, Low noise. Small size, attractive shape. High polymer composite rubber air pump for long working life and reliability.


Suitable for DIY hydroponics or aquaponics gardening kits and also in aeration of aquatic animal environments.


Voltage: AC230/115V/12V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 2.5W
Pressure: 0.012MPa
Output: 3.2L/min
Weight: 0.20kg
Size: 75x50x120mm


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