Microgreens Growing Kit

Rs. 999.00


Ready to grow Microgreens Kit 

The Kit Includes:

    Black Tray 11cm X 11cm X 2.5cm (Depth) : 10 nos

    Cocopeat: 1 kg

    Five Variety Organic Seeds :-

    • Red Knol Khol Seeds : 20 gms

    • Pea Shoots : 20 gms

    • Red Amaranthus Seeds : 20 gms

    • Pok Choi Seeds : 20 gms

    • Purple Basil Seeds : 20 gms

(Each seeds packet contains enough seeds to plant the kit two to three times)

All In one Microgreens Growing Kit , You just follow the guide , and your healthy microgreens are ready to harvest.

Click here for Microgreens Growing Instruction

If you follow this step by step guide for growing Microgreens at home, you will get bountiful harvests.

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