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F1 Hybrid Spinach Seeds

Rs. 70.00

Rs. 60.00

Pack Contains minimum 25 gm of seeds with 98% physical purity. Scientific name: Spinacia oleracea Spinach is leafy herbaceous annual plant grown for its leaves which are used as a vegetable.  Leaves are simple which stems from centre of the plant and measure about 2-30cm long and 1-15 cm across. The leaves grow in a rosette and can appear crinkled or flat. The plant produces small yellow-green flowers which are 3-4 mm in diameter. The flowers produce small fruit clusters which contain seeds. Spinach in an annual and survives only one growing season and can reach 3 cm in height. Family:  Amaranthaceae Common...

Malabar Spinach

Rs. 120.00

Rs. 100.00

Malabar Spinach is also known as climbing Spinach or Ceylon Spinach. It is edible and also can be used as a decorative vine over the doorways tooSeeds per pack: 50 seeds with 70% germinationThis pack of Malabar Spinach avilable at our online gardening store comes with 50 seeds. Ceylon spinach grown from seeds bought from Gardenguru thrive well in hot and humid climate. Unlike the regulatr spinach the leaves of malabar spinach are thick and fleshy. Ideal climate for growing this is warm and rainy

Imported Baby Spinach

Rs. 80.00

Baby Spinach has a attractive round, dark green foliage which is delicious and adds a popular addition to mixed salads. Packet Contains 50 seeds with 98% physical purity.--Baby spinach grows well in full sunlight and ideal for spring and autumn growing Germination: 7-14 days Maturity: 35-45 days Sowing Depth: 1cm



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