F1 Hybrid Spinach Seeds

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Pack Contains minimum 25 gm of seeds with 98% physical purity.

Scientific name: Spinacia oleracea

Spinach is leafy herbaceous annual plant grown for its leaves which are used as a vegetable.  Leaves are simple which stems from centre of the plant and measure about 2-30cm long and 1-15 cm across.

The leaves grow in a rosette and can appear crinkled or flat.

The plant produces small yellow-green flowers which are 3-4 mm in diameter.

The flowers produce small fruit clusters which contain seeds.

Spinach in an annual and survives only one growing season and can reach 3 cm in height.

Family:  Amaranthaceae

Common Names:  Paalakura (Telugu) Pallak (Hindi, Kannada)

Soil and climatic requirement: Spinach grow well in Loamy soil with 15 -20 degree  temperature.

Crop Duration: 90 days

Planting season: Sep- Nov

Planting type: Direct sowing

Spacing:  Row -Row 60x  Plant to plant 20 Cm

Depth of sowing: 0.75 cm

Germination period: 5-9 days

Hours of sunlight required: Minimum 6 Hrs (Select site with full sun light with partial shade is required )

Irrigation: 6-7 days intervals watering as to be done.

Companion crops: Strawberries, other greens

Seed treatment: Seed treated with Thiram it helps to control seedling  blight

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