Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure

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This product is a pheromone attractant for Melon Fly which performs better with Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap.

Recommended Dosage: Replace every 90 days

Recommended for Crops: Bitter Gourd, Cucumber, Ridge Gourd, Ash Gourd. Snake Gourd, Capsicum, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Brinjal, pumpkin, Gherkin, and other Vegetable Crop

Frequency of dosage: 90 days

An active Positional isomer fraction of species specific Sex Pheromone Pherocon QFF (isomeric Cuelure) is synthesized through an advanced isomer specific pheromone synthesis platform been impregnated into the selective highly porous voids of lure through an indigenously developed Capillary impregnation technique.

This improvised process increases the wood porosity for better penetration and increased holding capacity of the pheromone.

Through this process, overages (an extra quantity of pheromone) is been loaded superficially which suffice to attain an initial flash evaporation for immediate attraction and concentration attainment and the remaining dose will be released constantly thereby providing the efficacy for 45 days. 


MAT - Technology

Male Annihilation Technique (MAT) involves the process of attraction, trapping and killing of male flies using species specific sex pheromones.

Wood Impregnation Technology

Impregnation is the novel technique to preserve the characters of one compound using another base, Here we follow capillary impregnation technique, wherein which the wood is activated by elusive way and is ready to adsorb and entrap more pheromone in its interstitial spaces of fibers which enable the superficial adsorbed pheromone for flash release and in depth blocked pheromone for the slow and sustained release.

Uniqueness of the lure

  • Pherocon QFF is 99% Pure.
  • Contains required isomer form only
  • 5 time bigger than other commercial lures
  • Lure Size (3cm x 5cm x 1.2cm)
  • 500% extra surface area for evaporation when compared to normally available.
  • 5 Times more potent.
  • Lures have field activity for 24hours X 90 days.
  • Packed with thick aluminum lined with LDPE pouch to retain its potency till the expiry date.
  • 18 Months stable product

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