Barrix Rootcharger

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This product is an organic root nutrition mixture which helps in root growth

Recommended Dosage: 1 ml per 1 litre of water

Recommended for Crops: All crop

Frequency of dosage: Vegetative , Flowering and Harvest Stage

BARRIX ROOTCHARGER is 100 % organic natural water soluble liquid Mixture of crustaceans containing bioactive Heteropolysaccharides and amino acids in the form of nanofibrils, these are the rich source of nitrogen with beta 1-4 linkages between the saccharides, These whiskers nourishers the roots and promotes the root growth. The seeds and the plants responds to the bioactive actyl amines through CERK1 (chitin elictor receptor kinase) and CEBP (chitin elictor-binding protein) thereby regulates the immunizations at gene level inside the plant and root naturally.

The product Improves root growth, Improves protein synthesis, Improves germination of pollen grains & tubes, Supports in regulation of nutrients for growth of roots, Stimulates root enzymes system.

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