Bhoot Jolokia - Naga Chilli - Ghost Pepper

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Bhoot jolokia is the hottest chilli pepper in the world. It is so hot it is called as Ghost pepper., king chilli and naga jolokia. It measures 1,041,427 SHU in scoville heat scale.
Otherwise known as king chilli, is known for its fiery taste and is from North eastern part of India, Nagaland.

Seeds per Pack: 10 seeds

Growing Bhut Jolokia / Ghost peppers is very similar to growing chilli peppers. They prefer a well drained soil with lots of organic matter in them. It can be grown as a perennial.

The seeds are sown 0.5cm - 1cm deep in a good seed starting mix or in Jiffy plugs. Sowing seeds the right way is the key to success.

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