Capsicum Imp. Seeds

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Capsicum Imp. is a variety of Bell pepper. each pack contain 100 seeds with 98 % physical purity. 


Capsicum Imp is a varitey of Bell pepper.  in different regions capsicum called in differernt names Tamil:Kudamilagai, Malayalam: Kuda mulagu, Telugu: Capsicum, Kannada: Donne menasinakaayi, Hindi: Simla Mirch. Capsicum used for culinary purpose. Capsicum used for cooking and as salad. 

To cultivate capsicum Sandy loam , Clay loam and loam soils are best suited for cultivation, Soil should be well drained and well areated.

Bell pepper cultivate in  warm and humid climate and a temperature of 20 C to 25 C. need low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation stage  otherwise it causes the bud, de-blossom and fruit drops.

Crop duration of capsicum is 120 to 150 days and In controlled condition 210-300 days.            

leave  60cm spacing between Plant to plant to avoid spreading disease and allow proper aeration and sunlight. 

It require 2 months to germinate. Cover the pan/pot with a polythene to preserve the humidity.  Make sure capsicum bed should be in a bright place away from direct sunlight.

Canopy management of Capsicum by tipping (Pinching) the chilli plant. It will try to grow upright by throwing out a number of side stems. This increase the number of fruits.

Companion plants for Capsicum are carrot , Onion And Tomato

Treat seeds with Salt it helps to faster germination.

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