Dianthus Mixed seeds

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Dianthus barbatus Mixed is flowering variety is hardy perennial, this flowering plant is perfect for pollinator. 

Germination percentage: 70% 

Each pack contain 100 seeds 

Physical purity 98% 

Dianthus flowers bloom in form of clusters. Colourful attractive flowers. Dianthus does well in all types of containers, accent plantings and edging among flowering ground cover plants.

Height : 25-30 cms

How to take care of Dinathus grown from seeds bought at Gardenguru-online gardening store:

Dianthus needs full sun and a well-drained soil, and does not tend to require much fertilization. Make sure you do not over water or over fertilize.

Sowing - Surface sow them. Cover lightly with soil. Do not bury them .Best planted during cooler months in spring or fall, so they are well-grown by hot-summer

Light - Growing plants, need plenty of sunlight. Place your grown plant in location which gets 5-6 hours of good sunlight

Soil- Use well drained, rich soil.  Dianthus prefers neutral to alkaline soil pH

Water - Water them once a week. Keep the soil moist and not water logged.

Fertilizer - Dianthus are light feeders.

Tips - Deadhead Dianthus after flowering to promote rebloom

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