F1 Chilli Jwala Pariksha Seeds

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Jwala pariksha is variety of Chilli. It is an improved variety 100 days crop. 

Each pack contain 50 seeds with 98% Physical purity. 

Capsicum annum L. is the Scientific name for Chilli.

Chilli is commonly known as Mirchi in (Hindi) Pachchii milagai (tamil) patchi mirapa/pachchi mirapakayalu(telugu) Hasirumenasina kai(Kannada)

Soil requirement: Well drained sandy loam soil is best for cultivation. it grow well in warm and humid climate and for germination  20-25 degree C is essential. low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation cause bud drop, de-blossom and fruit drop.

Planting can be done from Oct -Nov, Jan- Feb, May –June. Leave plant spacing 45 cm and Row spacing  75 Cm. Sow seeds in 0.5 cm depth. It take 1 Week to 2 months to germinate. 

Minimum 8 Hrs Sun light Required for better establishment of crop. 

Water requirement in early stage 3-4 days interval watering is needed, later stages weekly intervals irrigate the plant. Flowering and fruit setting stages are having  critical irrigation point during flowering and fruiting stage watering is Must. 

Canopy management by tipping chilli plant once it is reach substantial size. The chilli plant will try to grow upright by throwing out a number of side stems. This increase the number of fruits.

In vegetable garden along with chilli grow Carrot , Onion And Tomato as a companion plants it enhance the growing habitat. 

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