F1 Hybrid Beetroot Seeds

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F1 Hybrid Beetroot produces uniform bulbs.

Seeds per Pack: 30 seeds

Germination percentage 70%

Scientific name: Beta vulgaris

Common Names: Beetroot(telugu) , Chukandar (Hindi) Beetroot (kannada)

Soil and climatic requirement: Beet root can grow best under cool season condition, and can grow successfully all most all year round. Crops in cool season produce superior quality yield. But slow growth in prolonged cool season Medium- to Light soil,

Crop Duration: 120 days

Planting season: Early crop March to April, Late crop From June to Sept

Planting type: Direct sowing

Spacing: Row to row 30 x Plant to plant 5cm

Depth of sowing: 2.5 Cm

Germination period: 12 -24 Days

Hours of sunlight required: Minimum 6 hrs

Irrigation: During germination require plenty of water once find the sprouts water the plants 7 to 10 days intervals.

Canopy management: Thinning is necessary, as you may get more than one seedling out of each seed. Thin when they reach about 2 inches high by pinching them off. Pulling them out of the ground may disturb the close surrounding roots of nearby seedlings.

Established plants should be thinned to 3–4 inches between plants

Companion crops: Onion, kohlrabi, bush beans, lettuce, cabbage family

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