F1 Pansy Mixed Seeds

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Pansy is a short lived perennial, though many treat it as annual too. These are cool season plants which grow best when the temperature is between 7-18°C. The seeds of Pansy which are available on Gardenguru online store are very tiny and usually take around 2 to 3 weeks for germinating. Sow the seeds and keep them in a dark place. Once the seeds germinate, you can keep them in partial light. Avoid keeping them in the afternoon sun . Recommended to germinate the seeds indoors in dark. It grows well in full sun with partial shade. Height of the plant is less than 2 feet and it spreads less than one foot.
Well suited for container and also garden beds. Blooms during monsoon and spring.

Germination percentage:70%

Seeds per Pack: 10-20 seeds

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