Hybrid Chilli Vasudha Seeds

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Chilli Vasudha is a F1 Hybrid chilly

Seeds per Pack: 50 seeds,

Botanical name: Capcicum Annum 

Common Names: Mirchi (Hindi) Pachchii milagai (tamil) patchi mirapa/pachchi mirapakayalu(telugu) Hasirumenasina kai(Kannada)

Soil and climatic requirement: Well drained sandy loam soil is best for cultiuvation. It grows well in warm and humid climate and a temerature of 20-25 degree celcius. Low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation cause the bud deblossom and fruit drop, hence irraigate well during this phase.

Crop Duration: Improved varieties 160 days. Hybrid varieties 100 days

Planting season: Oct -Nov, Jan- Feb, May -June

Planting type: Transplanting

Spacing: Plant - Plant 45 cm and Row - Row 75 Cm

Depth of sowing: 0.5 Cm

Germination period: 1 Week to 2 weeks.

Hours of sunlight required:Minimum 8 Hrs Sun light Required

Irrigation: In early stage 3-4 days interval watering is needed later stages weekly intervals irrigate the plant. Flowering and fruit setting stages have critical irrigation point.

Canopy management: By tipping your plant onto its side once it is a substantial size. The chilli plant will try to grow upright by throwing out a number of sidestems. This increase the number of fruits.

Companion crops: Carrot , Onion And Tomato

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